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Boiler service

Having your boiler serviced is easy to forget.  When winter is over most of the people keeps the annual service the least important thing to schedule. However, annual service helps to ensure that your boiler is running as efficiently and safely as possible and also keeps you away from extra costs.
We suggest you to replace your boiler in summer time, as the boiler is not in use during this period. The waiting time for the replacement is shorter and don't have to stress yourself when winter is coming.

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Gas cooker and hob installation

We can install your gas cooker and hob whenever you need. Our well trained team can assure you , that everything will go smoothly and hassle free during the installation. We can disconnect your old cooker and install your new quickly as possible. After installation we carry out gas tests, to ensure you everything is fine with your new appliance.

Toilets & Sinks Installation

Toilets & Sinks Installation

Toilets, sink, bath. shower replacement at short time notice. Many people think, that DIY is a fun challenge and cost saving in many ways. Unfortunately, many times it costs more, as things can go wrong easily. Please contact us if you need our services.

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Boiler installation

BS Heating And Plumbing is committed to getting the job done, especially when it comes to boiler replacement or service. If you wish to spread the payment for your new installation, we can guide you through our various boiler finance options.

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Fireplace installation

Our installation engineers are fully trained and Gas Safe Registered, which means you can be assured that your gas fire is safely fitted and you have the necessary paperwork that your property and home insurance requires.
Keep you warm and safe even if the power goes out.

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Vented and Unvented hot water
cylinder installation and service

There are two types of hot water cylinders: vented and unvented.

Vented cylinders are more likely found in older properties, and these require a supply of water from a large tank of cold water in the loft.

Unvented Hot Water Cylinder is a pressurized system which is fed directly from the cold mains water feed and therefore can deliver hot water at mains pressure, which is great for improving the performance of your shower and bath. 

It's a simple fact, that an annual service needs to be carried out, same as the boiler to avoid breakdowns and have a long lasting lifetime.


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